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China Import Formula leverages years of experience to show entrepreneurs the way to passive income. Unlike sourcing agents, logistics companies, and coaches who only focus on one part of the process, China Import Formula holds your hand through the entire process to help you identify hot products and build a marketing strategy to ensure you make a profit.

  • What’s the best thing to sell – services or products?
  • There’s no doubt about it. Selling services can be profitable … eventually. But you have to wait a long time first. That’s because the only people who get paid the big money for services are those who have really useful skills. And are exceptional at them. No offence to …

  • 3 great reasons to run your own home-based business
  • Running your own business from home is great. And so is having no boss. Me? I never actually had a boss. But a lot of my family and friends do, and it looks like it sucks. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything when you run a …

  • 3 tips to master online selling
  • If you sell goods online then these 3 simple tips could turn a trickle of sales into an avalanche. Simple tip #1: Sell benefits, not features. Do you know the difference between a feature and a benefit? A feature is something your product does. A benefit is what that …

What Others Say…

"Attending Brendan's seminar is a breath of fresh air! I never imagined I was missing out on so much information. His seminar opened up several doors for me that I am currently exploring. So far, everything is working out great. Thanks Brendan!"

Greg of Sydney

"Brendan's help was priceless, the biggest thing I took away from their training is it's easy to do and you don't need a huge sum of money to start importing from China (actually a lot less than you think). I was so motivated after the event I started looking that very night at the resources Brendan mentioned and contacted two factories. Thanks for the push in the right direction!"


"We just come here to take a look at importing seminar that Brendan’s held today. Just to learn more about importing. Finding information valuable as we would like start our own business."

Leo and Anna of Auckland

"I was a bit skeptic at first. But by the time the seminar ended, I already had a game plan on how to improve my Importing Business. Today, I tripled my sales and experiencing LIFE! Much appreciated Brendan! Cheers!”

Kevin of New Zealand